Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science


Management and staff

  • Dr. Robert van Langh, Chair of NICAS
  • Dr. Benjamin Rous, Coordinator
  • Rosa Hoogenboom, Assistant

Lead partners


  • Drs. Taco Dibbits, chair (RM)
  • Prof. dr. Karen Maex (UvA)
  • Drs. Susan Lammers (RCE)
  • Prof. dr. ir. Tim van der Hagen (TU Delft)

Scientific Working Group

NICAS has a Scientific Working Group (SWG), that acts in an advisory capacity and has as its main priority the scientific cohesion and direction of the center. Its members are:

  • Prof. dr. Maarten van Bommel (UvA)
  • Prof. dr. Joris Dik (TU Delft)
  • Prof. dr. Rob Erdmann (RM, UvA)
  • Prof. dr. Ella Hendriks (UvA)
  • Dr. Erma Hermens (RM)
  • Drs. Tatja Scholte (RCE)
  • Dr. Noushine Shahidzadeh (UvA)

The Scientific Working Group also has the following advisory members:

  • Prof. dr. Arian van Asten (NFI, UvA)
  • Prof. dr. Joost Batenburg (CWI, Leiden University)
  • Prof. dr. Klaas Jan van den Berg (RCE, UvA)
  • Prof. dr. Sven Dupré (Utrecht University)
  • prof. dr. Ann-Sophie Lehmann (University of Groningen)
  • Dr. Margriet van Eikema Hommes (TU Delft, RCE)
  • Prof. dr. ir. Akke Suiker (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • Prof. dr. Chris Stolwijk (RKD)
  • Dr. Abbie Vandivere (Mauritshuis, University of Amsterdam)

Published by  NICAS

9 January 2019