Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science

Partnerships and cooperation

NICAS aspires to form close and lasting connections to the global research community, the cultural heritage field, industry, and the public domain.

Global research community

NICAS will participate in and contribute to research networks and collaborate with international research institutes in defining important issues that should be addressed in current research;

Cultural heritage field

NICAS will share research results and relevant applications with the cultural heritage field to ensure improved presentation and care of collection in the whole of the Netherlands. Conversely, museums and cultural heritage institutions can propose research topics for NICAS based on problems encountered in their collections.


NICAS hopes to involve industry in ongoing research by taking advantage of the expertise and technologies that are available in the sector. At the same time NICAS researchers,  by acting as ‘extreme end users’, hope to inspire industry to refine existing and create novel applications and technologies for the general public. 

Public domain

NICAS will engage the general public in the results of ongoing research by presenting its results in accessible ways, for instance in museum displays explaining research results with regard to specific objects, and by engaging the general public in ongoing research projects by giving access to facilities or executing part of the research in a museum space.

Lead partners

Published by  NICAS

14 March 2017