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Science for curators

06June2017 09June2017 09:00


Science for curators is a free course for curators and art historians to learn about the current scientific methodologies and insights in the study of paintings and their materials. The 4-days course will consist of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice for a group of 10-15 participants.

Scientific methodologies

In this course you will learn about scientific techniques and methodologies from expertis in the field, including Prof. Rob Erdmann (Rijksmuseum, University of Amsterdam), Dr. Katrien Keune (Rijksmuseum, University of Amsterdam) and Dr. Jennifer Mass (Bard Graduate Center, Rijksmuseum). Please consult the flyer by clicking the button below.


For more information, please contact Ms. Apas Zwart, department assisant of the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research of the Rijksmuseum. 

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