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NICAS Colloquium

25Oct2018 12:00 - 13:00


The next edition of the NICAS Colloquium takes place on Thursday, 25 October 2018, from 12:00 to 13:00 in conference room B of the Atelier Building (Hobbemastraat 22, Amsterdam).


The chair of this colloquium will be Sanne Berbers (RCE).


The following presentations are scheduled for this edition of the NICAS Colloquium:

Kate van Lookeren Campagne

Understanding 17th-18th-century Dutch Tin-glaze Through the Interpretation and Reconstruction of Historical Recipes

Historical tin-glaze recipes can provide important insight into the working practices of potters as well as the variations in glaze characteristics that may help us understand susceptibility to glaze deterioration. This presentation focusses on an 18th century recipe book which describes over 75 Dutch tin-glaze recipes dated between 1659 and 1755. The recipes have been compared with other historical tin-glaze recipes, and the composition of the raw materials described has been investigated through research into the sources available at the time together with the results of semi-quantitative analysis (SEM-EDX) of 17th and 18th century Dutch tiles. This study , supported by glaze recipe reconstruction, has provided new information about the raw materials used in Dutch tin-glaze tile production, in particular the fluxes soda and potash and common salt.

Kate van Lookeren Campagne – Nuttall is a ceramic and glass conservator and lecturer at the UvA. Her PhD research investigates the materials and techniques used in the production of 17th and 18th century Dutch tin-glaze tiles. This paper will be presented at the GlazeArt2018 conference in Lisbon later this month.


Agnes Brokerhof

I Can See Further Now: Preventive Conservation in a Changing Heritage World

This presentation looks at the paradigm shift that cultural heritage has undergone in recent decades and the changing role of conservators. Museums in particular have changed from being a house of treasures to be admired by visitors, to being a place where objects provide the context for new interpretations. At the same time the sector is pushed towards business management and professionalisation. This forces conservators to take on an active role in facilitating audience participation and increased access to collections, while at the same time improving efficiency and accountability. Preservation frameworks have encouraged conservation professionals to collaborate with colleagues from across the organization, allowed to systematically collate and analyse data, and present these to their stakeholders in a language understood by them.

Agnes Brokerhof works as senior conservation scientist and consultant at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE). Her areas of interest are preventive conservation, collection risk management, value assessment and value management.

NICAS Colloquium

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Thursday, 25 October 2018


12:00 – 13:00 hrs


Conference Room B, Atelier Building
Hobbemastraat 22, Amsterdam

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