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JPI-CH Conservation, Protection and Use joint call launched

6 June 2019

Recently, the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH) has launched a new call for transnational research proposals entitled CONSERVATION, PROTECTION AND USE. It invites proposals of consortia with at least three of the countries that are involved in the call participating.

By clicking on the link above, you can access the call page with the full text and a list of countries that have allocated funds to this call.

NWO is taking care of the Dutch participation in this call, and it has allocated funds that are earmarked for NICAS. Therefore, a check on the suitability of proposals within the NICAS research agenda is necessary for all projects for which NWO funds are requested in this call. This means that Topic one (Analysing and modelling change) and Topic four (Layered conservation) should be the primary aim of proposals, and that the focus of proposals should be on tangible, moveable heritage (i.e. museum collections). Exceptions are possible if the added value of the project for the NICAS research agenda can be made clear. A document containting the NICAS research challenges can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Anyone who wants to submit a proposal in this call is advised to contact NICAS as soon as possible with a general outline of the research plans so it can be assessed if these fit within NICAS. A short summary of the project (subject and research aims, partners involved) would do. At a later stage in the submission procedure, NWO will do a admissibility check based on the NICAS research agenda, so please make sure that the general scope of the project fits and is checked beforehand. You can send the summary to We will get back to you as soon as possible with an advice on submission.

Published by  NICAS