Current events

current events

NICAS organises or helps organise events such as conferences, expert meetings and lectures in order to share knowledge and project results with the research community. In addition to one-off events, NICAS hosts several recurring events that are listed below.



Throughout the year, NICAS organises a bi-weekly Colloquium consisting of two short research lectures. It provides researchers with the opportunity to present ideas for, updates on or results of their activities. The NICAS Colloquium allows people to stay informed on a regular basis about the latest developments and results of research and to exchange information and expertise.



Once a year, NICAS organises Project Day with the aim to inform everyone about current NICAS research projects, presenting new projects and giving updates on longer running ones. Each year, Project Day has a different focus. One year, we will highlight projects funded in the NICAS calls for proposals organised by NWO. The next year we will focus on Partner Projects: research carried out or supported by the partners of NICAS in collaboration with institutions in the Netherlands.



Match Day takes place once a year and brings together researchers from a broad range of disciplines. On this day, we try to match needs, capabilities and possibilities. Solving problems often requires specific knowledge and expertise, while researchers or institutions may have specific capabilities (skills or equipment) that are not widely known and therefore not fully utilised. On Match Day, we hope to bring these together, establish new links and thereby plant the seeds for future multidisciplinary research.


NICAS Project Day 2023

13 June 2023, 12.00-17.30 hrs CET.


Deze online informatiebijeenkomst is speciaal voor professionals werkzaam bij een erfgoedinstelling die meer willen weten over het aanvragen van een…

NICAS Colloquium Online

22 June 2023, 12.00- 13.00 hrs CET.
Presenters: NTA

NICAS Colloquium Hybrid

Thursday 6 July 2023,12.00 to 13.00 hrs.
Presenters: TBA