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In this presentation, Luc Megens presents his research Uranium glaze on Dutch Art Nouveau and Art Deco Pottery. This research has made it possible to understand the production and identify the composition of a universally collected Dutch ceramic product and improve the awareness of the measures that need to be taken by those working with such collections.

Fréderique Broers, a PhD student in the NICAS project “3D understanding of degradation products in paintings”, gives a presentation on New insights into the degradation of arsenic sulfide degradation using synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy.

Manon Castelle presents the results of the technical investigations of the Weepers statues and the recumbent effigy of Isabella of Bourbon which provide new insights into both the organisation of the workshop involved and the technical context of production.

Tamar Hestrin-Grader gives an introduction on the 1640IR Muselaar Project: an example of interdisciplinary, international, and inter-institutional object-centered research.

Paolo d’Imporzano presents the latest development in lead isotope analysis: technical improvements reducing the sample size required and heterogeneity and variation in lead isotopes in 17th-century Dutch paintings.

In this presentation, Aafke Weller gives a sneak preview of the results of a research project that aims to piece together the conservation history of each of the drawings by Rembrandt and the Rembrandt School in the Rijksmuseum, from the moment it entered the collection until the present day.

Lambert Baij discusses a new study on highly resolved motion detection instruments that can be used as powerful techniques for the study of solvent penetration during oil paint cleaning

Rika Pause introduces the project ORPI20 – Synthetic organic pigments in the beginning 20th century. It aims to investigate the production history, material technology and use of early synthetic organic pigments.

Emilie Froment presents her research on the conditions and extent of change as a result of wax-resin lining in ground reconstructions from seventeenth-century Netherlandish paintings on canvas.

Selwin Hageraats discusses recent studies that have succeeded in characterizing the intrinsic chemistry of zinc white pigments at the nanoscale level.