Material Dynamics


Understanding and prediction of the long-term material change in cultural heritage objects, reconstructing how objects have changed from the moment they were made until the present day and predicting how they will change in the future.


This research theme aims at developing models based on scientific evidence to depict the past, elucidate the present and predict the future conditions of objects. The end goal is to better, or perhaps even fully understand ageing and degradation phenomena in objects. We seek to understand how physical and chemical changes that cannot be observed by the naked eye relate to visual changes in objects. The goal is to translate static data about the material composition of objects into an understanding of dynamic processes, past, present and future. Specific trends and effects need to be identified, quantified and translated into model parameters and mathematical relations that will aid in maintenance procedures and strategies for the preservation of cultural heritage.


Prof. dr. Maarten van Bommel

University of Amsterdam

Prof. dr. Noushine Shahidzadeh

University of Amsterdam