Interviews in Conservation research: datasets accessible via DANS





Research output of the NWO-funded KIEM project Interviews in Conservation Research is now available for research. The datasets are made accessible by Digital Archiving Network Services (DANS), part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), and are grouped in a thematic collection called Interviews in Conservation Research. The complete list of research output, including the list of data sets is also published on the NICAS Interviews in Conservation Research project page.


In addition, the conservator interviews have been included with FAIC Oral History Project Interviewee List on conservation-wiki.com of the American Institute of Conservation. With over 380 interviews up to date, the FAIC Oral History Project has been advocating the use of oral history in conservation research world wide since 1975. In a similar vein, the new thematic collection as part of the conservation oral history archive with DANS includes interviews with conservators, in addition to those with artists and all possible other stakeholders involved in the lives of artworks, such as assistants, technicians and curators. This conservation oral history initiative is ongoing.


Read more about the Interviews in Conservation research here.


Presentation by Sanneke Stigter during the NICAS Colloquium, 9 January 2020. Photo by Louise Wijnberg.