Public PhD Defense Selwin Hageraats


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On Wednesday 3 March 2021, at 13:00hrs CET, Selwin Hageraats will defend his PhD thesis Developing Microchemical Imaging for the Study of Pigment Degradation in Oil Paint. You can attend the public defense by clicking on this link.


In his PhD research, Selwin Hageraats explored and developed various advanced microscopic imaging methodologies aimed at gaining a better understanding of the degradation of pigments in oil paint. With a focus on the chemically unstable pigment zich white, methods are described to resolve degradation products on the microscale, discriminate between different varieties of the pigment, and analyze its various intrinsic properties. In order to access some of Europe’s most advanced imaging tools, a significant part of all research work was carried out at IPANEMA: a French research platform focused on applying synchrotron-based analysis to the study of ancient materials. 


Read more about the research here.