Podcast ‘Talk That Science’ with Noushine Shahidzadeh





Talk That Science is a brandnew podcast that aims to narrow the gap between science and society through music. In their latest episode, they talk about crystals with Noushine Shadidzadeh, professor of crystallization at the University of Amsterdam and part of the NICAS project ‘Crystinart‘. We can all agree: crystals are beautiful to look at. And this is exactly what Noushine loves about her research field.

At the same time, crystallisation is one of the prime causes of degradition in porous objects such as ceramics and mural paintings. During the episode, they will come across various applications of Noushine’s research: from reducing the amount of salt in food to fortifying salt with rare minerals and also preserving cultural heritage. Well, you get it: crystals are everywhere around you! Listen to the episode and let the science behind crystals be unraveled for you.


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