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Micro-CT scan of a small area of a knotted-pile woven structure, showing symmetric and assymetric knots.


The NICAS project Assessing Islamic Carpet Production is a feasibility study that aimed at investigating the possibilities and limitations of imaging techniques to enhance the interpretation of the construction and condition of knotted-pile carpets. The outcome of this study has been recently published.



Ana Serrano, Suzan Meijer, Rick R. van Rijn, Sophia Bethany Coban, Birgit Reissland, Erma Hermens, Kees Joost Batenburg, Maarten van Bommel, A non-invasive imaging approach for improved assessments on the construction and the condition of historical knotted-pile carpets, Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2020.

SEM images from analysed silk fibres sampled from the maritime archaeological fragments: a) smooth and flexible fibres with some silver sulphide deposits, and b) fibres heavily damaged from biodegradation, presenting extended pitting and transversal and longitudinal cracking, and a few iron sulphide and clay deposits.

The NICAS project Back to the Objects dedicates to the study of an exceptional group of maritime archaeological silk fragments that was unearthed in 2014 from a mid-17th century shipwreck, in the Wadden Sea, The Netherlands. An evaluation of the most suitable parameters for the long-term storage and exhibition of this valuable collection has been recently published. It is freely downloadable until December 11, 2020.

Ana Serrano, Agnes Brokerhof, Bart Ankersmit, Maarten van Bommel, From the bottom of the sea to the display case: A study into the long-term preservation of archaeological maritime silk textiles in controlled atmosphere, Journal of Cultural Heritage, Volume 45, 2020, Pages 91-100.